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Rivermaya - Hate tab


Tabbed by: Tacoman

Intro: G break D-Em-C-G-D-Em-C-

D                 Em              C-G
  Well, if you're happy then I'm blue
Bm                   C               Am-
  'Cause I'm not so far but not with you
      D               Em                C     G
  And I can't see why we can't see each other
    Bm             Em                A-D-Dsus-D-
  I telephone but you're sleepin' forever.

                G                 D                  C       G
  (Oh/Maybe) I hate you for the things you do but I love you
  And curse you for your beauty
                          D             C-Em
  That makes me make some poetry about love
      G                 D            C      G
  And I don't think you even think about me
                    Em hold                A hold
  If only you were smiling, if I was your reason
     C     Bm, Am       G pause G break
  Tomorrow     I could die.

(1st verse chords)
  I can only pray my absence will change you, oh
  Pretend that you're the one who needs my love (needs my love)
  But you celebrate 'cause, yes, why should you miss me
  Oh, when you know darn well,
                                 A-D-D break
      I'd die just to bring us together.

Repeat Chorus except last line

     F             Em
  Tomorrow I could die.

Ad lib: A-Em-A-

C                    G
  And this is not a love song
Cm/Eb                    G        D-Em-C--
  Don't even think it's your song,    oh.

Repeat Chorus except last 2 lines
                    Em pause A pause
  If only you were smiling
     C              D-Em-C-G
  Tomorrow I could die
           D-Em-C hold C, Bm, Am, G
  I would die.
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