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Rivermaya - Bring Me Down tab

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"Bring me Down" 
 by rivermaya

intro: D-G-D-G-D-G-D-Dsus-D hold

   D      G    D           G
Is it unfair? Would you beware?
D                        C-G-A7-A
If I might catch you in a stare?
    D                G
Now tell me if it's okay
      D                    G
If I walk past your door today
       D            Bm
I'm runnin' out of happy words to

     Em                    Bm
But I don't need a funny line 
         G                  D
'Cause nobody laughs at a castle
that's crawling/crumbling 
Bm(/G)               F#m
Down with every word you
Every game you/every 
         A7 hold plucking
Hey, hey, hey

D            G
C'mon now tell me
D              G              D  
Would it be a better day for you
  Bm              G-Fm-Em
If you, bring me down?

Interlude: D-G-D-G

You got your coat and tie 
And you're looking so cool 
      D                   G
In front of the TV camera, yeah, 
D           Bm
All just to tell us 
We'll be gone
        D          G       D
Now tell me/is it ok if I told you
You're all funky and gay?

       D                Bm
Does anyone ever have a happy 
things to say?

(repeat coda then chorus)

Ah ahaa
Ah ahaa
Ah ahaa
Kill me down and lead on
Kill me down and lead on
As we dance
And I found 
And I found

etong kantang to ay isa sa mga favorite ko
medyo sure ako dito mga 99.9% ang sure ko
*para to sa lahat lalo na sa mga friends ko* 
I love you regelle shayne miranda!
any comments/suggestions just send me a message @ Mabuhay ang tugtuging pinoy
Paki rate naman po ito. thank you po!
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