Rpwl - Believe Me chords

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F                 G
  Looking for the answer
F                         G
  That a dreamer needs to know
F                               G
  Who's gonna wake me when it's over
  F             G
  Far away from home
F                     G
  You're not the only reason
F                            G
  Although sometimes I'm not sure
  F                 G
  How I can stand a single day without you

Chorus (2x)

Believe me

Believe me

F                    G       
I'm not the only one you are waiting for


F, G, F, G

(Same as the 1st verse)

Please come a little closer
So strange to hear you on the phone
To feel the warmth together without gaining our end
Lost and found
Far away from home

Chorus (2x)
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