Rubettes - Top Of The World chords

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Top of the World
The Rubettes
Sometime in Oldchurch 1978

|C| |G| |F| |C|

|F| |F E| |Am| 

          Am                   E
You were born in a room in a house in a block
       F                  C
in a street in a town somewhere
        F               E             Am     Dm E    
just another damn kid today with no tomorrow
          Am                      E
and your mother would work every hour God sent
     F                        C
and you'd know the way she'd feel 
    F                       E              Am    Dm E
so you learned to beg and steal but never borrow

   Am                       E/G#
A kid needs his old man and you needed yours
          F/A              C/G
but your old man was not around
          F               E         Am  Dm E
he was passing his time away doing time
    Am                    E/G#
so you and your ma had to make it alone
     F/A                     C/G
and while she would work all day
 F                   E             Am  Dm E
you tried to find a way to make a dime

and with the cap in your hand 
you were known down the street
      F                 D
as "Cody the crazy kid out on his beat"
          C      G                       F   Fm  
and it's a long road to the top of the world
 C                      G
Cody the kid with the old man inside
     F                      D
and he'll go the same way, I'll bet my hide
          C       G                     Am
and it's a long road to the top of the world

|(Am)| |Am G| |F| |F|

|Am| |Am G| |F| |F|

When you heard from your ma that your old man had died
in the room with the quilted walls
you seemed to hear the call and see the sign
and at seventeen years you'd the piece in your hand
and your fate and your future too
now it was ma and you, the grand design

and you killed and you robbed on your way to the top
never stopping to turn around
you never heard the sound of your old man crying
the top of the world was yours for the grabs
and the end justified the means
until the sound of the old sirens would drown your dying

And with the peice in your hand you're the king of the night
but somebody told me and somebody's right
that it's a long road to the top of the world
Cody the kid with his sights set too high
and he'll never stop until he reaches the sky
and it's a long road to the top of the world

:|(Am)| |Am G| |F| |F|

 |Am| |Am G| |F| |F|: repeat and fade

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