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Run Kid Run - Sing To Me tab

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Run Kid Run
Sing To Me
This Is Who we Are
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G -    320033
Em -   022000
C -    x32010
D -    xx0232
D/F# - 2x023x
Am -   x02210

Intro: G--Em--C-D (x2)

Guitar 2:
D|--------------------- x6

Verse 1:
  The song you sing
Em    D/F#      G       D  C
Orchestrates in perfect harmony
A verse that shines of brilliance
Em       D/F#  G      D   C
Whispers every moment subtly
C     D         Em    C
  You compose a symphony
             D              Em
Playing with notes that are in key
C                   D         Em
  A sound that will not be forgot
  C      Am   D
Defining clarity so

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C       D       Em  D
Sing to me this melody
             C      D       Em  D
I'll let the rhythm take control
C       D       Em  D
Sing to me this melody
         C      D     Em   D
A rhythm I have never known

Verse 2:
C                           Em D/F#
  A love song like no other one
G        D     C
Resounds on in time
Your design it lights up the distance
Em   D/F#     G        D       C
Signaling the noise to help me find
    D       Em      C
The words I can't ignore
              D         Em
So I'll sing along in a discord
C                D          Em
  Every measure, beat after beat
     C     Am       D
I'm slowly learning more so

(Repeat Chorus twice)

     C    D        C     D
This harmony rises up in me

Interlude: G--Em--C-D (x3)

(Repeat Chorus)
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