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Rushing With Apathy - I Dont Know Why tab

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I DON'T KNOW WHY - The Israelites
From their 1997 album "Montego Bay(The Jamaican Persuasion)
Tabbed by: Sliver12


     E   C#m   A    B

E  C#m  A  B (x2) E

Verse 1:
              E C#m A B              E C#m A B   
I don't know why         You love me so
     E   C#m       A       B      
But everyday Your love for me it shows
            E C#m A B                 E C#m A B
You came to me          when I was alone
     E      C#m  A        B
And wandered so far away from home


Everyday Your love it grows
And everyday my love it shows
A                                  B
And everyday You give Your love to me

Verse 2(same chords as verse 1):

I know sometimes I hurt You so
But you never let me go
Oh my dear Lord, make me like You
So I can do the things You want me to


Bridge: E C#m A B (x12)

Verse 3(same chords as verse 1):

Remember when You held my hand
And You helped me to understand
Then one fine day, this life will end
And I'll be with You in the promise land


Ending : E C#m A B(x3)

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