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Ryan Cabrera - In My Life tab

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This is a song by Mattafix from
their album "Rhythm & Hymns"

Guitar Tune: Standard

Verse [For Exmpale]:

Am            Em
I am hurting,
    G                   Am
But I wont close the curtain,
                  Em     G                 Am
On this sweet show for those who are hard working
Don't let love abuse you,
    G                        Am
I've seen what you've turned into
             Em          G
Take advantage when opportunity advances


No way,
Will the voice of fire in my heart be mute
Some say,
That I try to hard in my youth
Some day,
Em                      G
These words will be the proof,
Am                                           Em
I only tell the truth to you and anyone else who
G     Am
Is In My Life...


In my life me haffi deal wid nuff trouble and strife.
In my time,
In my time me haffi go out
and tek whats mine me nah go wait in line.

== The chours is played just like the verses [Am, Em, G] ==

-- Enjoy! --
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