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Screeching Weasel - I Was A Highschool Psychopath tab

                   HIGHSCHOOL PSYCOPATH - Screeching Weasel

By: Ramiro Chamorro

Intro/chorus  - just repeat as many times as needed
   ....I'm a highschool, psycopath....i need therapy

       **=Palm mute-smother thing
>>> strumming pattern: D= down, u = up. Each D U D after the first D (which counts as 1) is 1 time. You do 7 D-U-D's before the two strokes after the >>>>. the very first time when this strumming pattern is introduced, its 6 DUD's. i hope it makes sense.. and do as many times as needed. Bridge... -.... Oooh, ooh, ohh, ohh ooooOOO... Main thing, again, simple. its the bass doing the cool riff. e|------------------------------------------ B|------------------------------------------ G|--------9--------------9---7-----7-------- D|--------9---9---7------9---7-7-9-7------7- A|--------7---9---7------7---5-7-9-5------7- E|------------7---5------------5-7--------5- D-U-D X 1 >> * >> DUD X 1>> DUD X 1 >> *I forget how many times, but the same DUD thing. X 6 i think, then go to part after * after X amount of times of pattern after the *, just stop, then after a second, go to main guitar riff. Thats basically it. Just play along with the tape and connect all the parts together. A very simple but good song, enjoy -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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