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Seven Mary Three - Lame tab

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Lame by Seven Mary Three


	  G	  D	Cadd9	Csus2	 E5
	--3--	--2--	--3--	--3--	-----|
	--3--	--3--	--3--	--3--	-----|
	--0--	--2--	--0--	--0--	-----|
	--0--	--0--	--2--	--0--	--2--|
	--2--	-----	--3--	--3--	--2--|
	--3--	-----	-----	-----	--0--|

	Em7	Bm7	Gadd2/B	Asus4	 Em
	--0--	-----	--3--	-----	--0--|
	--3--	--3--	--3--	--3--	--0--|
	--0--	--2--	--2--	--2--	--0--|
	--2--	--0--	--0--	--2--	--2--|
	--2--	--2--	--2--	--0--	--2--|
	--0--	-----	-----	-----	--0--|

Intro:   0:00- 0:19

G5	Bm7	Asus4
G5	Bm7	Asus4

0:20- 1:43

          G5           Bm7       Asus4
There's a tall, a mulatto, boy I know

       G5             Bm7         Asus4
and he comes to every party -- he stands alone

   G5                              Bm7                 Asus4
in viewing them the rest, from the corner of his glance it gets so clear,

        G5    Bm7    Asus4	Cadd9
he's not judging anyone

G5              Bm7               Asus4
 the way his arms float around his cage, he's caged

       G5               Bm7            Asus4
canary sings, silently brings, his voice to rage

      G5                        Bm7
the way they stop and stare, the way they turn their heads

it's enough to make him want to run away

    G5          Bm7         Asus4	Cadd9
but he stays he stands his ground

Chorus:  1:44- 2:23

    G          D/A        Cadd9
And I'm,  I'm so    damn lame
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    G                        E5 Em7    Cadd9
the way I condescend without ever knowing his name

   G                        D/A
he keeps it in a box, hangs it from his ear

looks at everyone wihtout the slightest fear

G              E5 Em7    Cadd9 (hold & let ring)
it's making me so     ashamed

2:24- 3:25

G5          Bm7         Asus4
G5          Bm7         Asus4

        G5          Bm7         Asus4
slender body, slip through his glance

   G5          Bm7         Asus4
I don't give him a single chance

the way he's rocking back and forth

makes a buzzing in my ear

constantly reminding me that I never stop to hear

G5       Bm7         Asus4
him say hello, hello

Chorus:  3:26- 4:04

    G         D/A     Cadd9
and I'm , I'm so damn lame

       G               E5 Em7          Cadd9
like a moth bumping off his godless flame

   G                   D/A             Cadd9
I cannot condescend or even apprehend, what comes over me

       G     E5 Em7       Cadd9
when I see his shameless face

4:05- end

   E5 Em7       Bm7        Asus4   Cadd9
so rage, please rage, against me,  beat me

E5 Em7        Bm7   Asus4      Cadd9
down, beat me down, forgive me for what I've done,

E5 Em7        Bm7        Asus4     Cadd9
  I'm so lame, I'm so lame, I'm so lame

  E5 Em7    Bm7   Asus4      Cadd9       Em
so lame, so,   so                        lame
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