Silverstein - One Last Dance chords

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"One Last Dance"
Short Songs

Tuning: Drop D on Power Chords

Fm                         G#
  I shot this glance to you
In a minute I'll be gone
But not because I didn't want to

[Palm Mute]
Fm         G#
  No one wants to dance
Fm        Eb              
  So I'm standing on my feet
Fm         G#
  Nobody takes the chance
Fm             Eb                 C#
  To break the law to start the beat

Ad Lib: C#
  So I'm sitting this one out
  I'm planning on my own
  I'm staying put for now
  But not forever

Fm                            G#
  I'll save this dance for you
In the morning I'll be gone
But not because I didn't want to
Fm                      G#          Eb
  I tried so hard to stay, stay in love with you and me
I'm moving on because I have to

Fm                  G#                          Eb
  You say it's too late, I was wrong, you can't wait
                      C#              Fm
I'll try now, if you stay, stay with me
I'll still fight for what's right
I still dream every night
I still want to believe
You're saving one last dance for me
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