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Six Part Invention - Falling In Love chords

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Falling in Love
by: Six Part Invention
Tabbed by:izia

Intro: G D Bm A

Verse I
D       A    G                 D
You and me, we got along just fine
        G           D            A
But deep inside I know there is one
 D            A
Right next to you
G                       D
I know you're the right one
G            D            G                  A
Can't fight this feeling I'm taking chances now 

G                 D      G                 D   
In my heart I feel that this is something real
G                     D       A    B
I don't want let this moment go
[ Tab from: ]
 E     A          E       A
Why o why, do I feel this way
 C#m               A          B
When I'm with you I feel so alive
 E     A           E    A
Why o why will I hide away  
 C#m              A               B       E
I can't help it I'm falling in love with you

Verse II
D             A      G                  D
Never anding nights when I'm alone with you
G              D             A
A lifetime of dreams coming true
 D                A     G                     D
Nothing comes to close to what we have right now
G                D                A
You're the only one that matters how
(repeat refrain then chorus)

G               A
What if I fall in love
G                  D
What if I make you mine
 G           D                         A
I wanna know if you'll be there by my side


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