Slaid Cleaves - Horses chords

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I met Willie by the still, he was brewin' a batch
He had a short cigar and one last match
       [E]                                                  [B7]
He was tellin' me 'bout his latest trouble with the government
He had child support and alimony
He was looking depressed and kinda lonely
     [E]                                  [B7]                [E]
Just tryin' to figure out where all his hard earned money went 

"Well I'll be go to Hell," he said,
                     [E]                       [B7]
"I got nothing but a Ford and a barn full of hay
      [A]                        [E]
If it weren't for horses and divorces
         [B7]               [E]
I'd be a lot better off today" 

Well I said, "Willie, that sounds like a song"
He said, "Son you know you may not be all wrong
Could you give me a little piece of the pie if you make it a hit?
I got a '51 Ford I'd like to fix up
I got two sick ponies and one sick pup
And my third wife's coming today to take my TV set" 



Dobro Solo

Well God bless poor old Willie McCann
You know he's always been a good hard working man
He bought me a beer last night down at the Lost and Found
He said, "Horses and women are fine sure 'nuff
But if you don't treat 'em right things are gonna get rough
Believe me, I've got these four year marriages down" 

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