Slaid Cleaves - Drinkin Days chords

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Slaid Cleaves - Drinkin' Days
Standard tuning

My drinking days are over
         A                 E
No more nights at the Carousel
My buddies say they're gonna miss me but
E               B
Who could ever tell
A                       E
I never knew what time it was
    E                      A
Til closing time came round
E                      B
My drinking days are over
A                 E
But I'm still troublebound 
I used to hang at the Horseshoe
E              A                      E    
You'd see me spinning at the Broken Spoke
I'd take my gal to The Gaslight
E                           B
We lived on whiskey and smoke
A                        E
Don't know how it all started
E                        A
Didn't mean to hurt no one
E                         B                E
Some bad luck and what's done can't be undone 

Well it was way past midnight
Anetta hollered out last call
I turned around and Wranglin' Ron
Was headed for a brawl
I didn't know that other guy was a cop
I guess I didn't care
Sometime you gotta act like you gotta pair 

My drinking days are over... 

I got a ride out to Huntsville
I'll be there for a while
Staring out a mesh window
Mile after mile
I don't have any regrets, well
Maybe just a few
A man's gonna do what he's gonna do 

My drinking days are over...
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