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Slaughter And The Dogs - Where Have All The Bootboys Gone chords

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Slaughter & The Dogs "where have all the boot boys gone"

Bass Riff Intro x2  (and most of the song!)
   F#                            B
G: ----------------------------------------------------|
D: ------------------------------99-7------------------|
A: 99-7---999-7---999-7--------------------------------|
E: ----------------------------------------------------|

ALL IN:  bass plays same

F#                                           B
Wearing boots and short hair cuts
We will kick you in the gut but no luck 
They have all grown up 
They drink tea from a cup.
Some get married and settle down.
Others they leave for a foreign town.
Fighting gangs every night. 
We use sticks hit them in the Kite. 

E                               D             bass riff x1
Where have all the boot boys gone ?
Hammy, Jacko, Boots and John
Where have all the boot boys gone ?
It looks like I am the only one. The one

VERSE:  same chords as first
Friday came we go to a dance hall. 
Battering stuff we have a ball .
We do not know what we have done.
We go see United because we are having fun
We get released on fifty quid bail.
But I know I will end up in jail.
I was a leader I was so proud . 
I hung with a gang, what a crowd 


Now it has been five years or more. 
I am a skin do not know what for .
I do not know what I am. 
I do not see or give a damn .
I must stop this M.O.D
I must try, try and be me.
I must listen. I must try. 
I must move. Move or die ! 


BREAK:          main riff dampened x4  then  F#   E    D    C#  x4   (STOP)
"Come on do you want to scrap ? get ready then"
Where have all the boot boys gone ? x4
OUTRO:    F#     A   B x3     F#
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