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Smiths - That Joke Isnt Funny Anymore tab

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Bmajor 3/4

B    /      E    /       F#   /      G#m
Park the car at the side of the road

F#   /       G#m     /  A6     /          Amaj7
you should know       time's tide will smother you

B       /     Gmaj7/   A6
and i will too

when you laugh about people who feel so very lonely their 
E     /   F#/ G#m
only desire is to die

F#    /G#m
well i'm afraid it

doesn't make me smile
B   /Gmaj7(+9)/A6/Gmaj7(+9)/E
i wish i could laugh

but that joke isn't funny anymore

its too close to home and its too near the bone
too close to home and too near the bone 
more than you'll

ever know

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