Smiths - This Charming Man chords

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C : 032010
C7: 032000
Fmaj7: 003210
F6: 003200
Am: 002210
G: 320000


C                C7
Punctured bicycle
C              C7        Fmaj7
on a hill side desolate,
      G                       Fmaj7    F6
will nature make a man of me yet
         C         C7
when this charming car 
 C         C7    Fmaj   F6 
this charming man
C                 C7
why pamper lifes complexity
C            C7       
when the leather runs smooth
                  Fmaj7    F6
on the passengers seat

C                    C7   
I would go out tonight
C                    C7         Fmaj7 F6
but i havent got a stitch to wear
C                    C7   
this man said its gruesome
C                    C7         Fmaj7 F6
that someone so handsome should care


Am                         C
Ah!    a jumped up pantry boy

who never knew his place
he said return the ring
he knows so much a-bout these things
Fmaj7                           Am
he knows so much a-bout these things

and so's my first tab!! this is a VERY SIMPLIFIED version (only 6 chords) 
that i use to play :) feel free to give me advices ;) hugs!!
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