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Snow Patrol - Cubicles tab

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This is new song by Snow Patrol which was with Crack the Shutters single....Leave 
one of their very songs i've had the privilage of tabbing:)


C      G      F X2

e--12---12---10---10---12---12---12---12---|       x 2

In the end
G                         F
Your just as well being here
And out amongst
G                         F
The frozen ponds and parks
I understand
G                       F
The clarity, the solitude
C                          G
But I'm beginning to think
I said too much
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        Am     G        F
My words don't turn you on
        Am     G          F
Your here less than your gone
     Am           G            F
The spark still fights the worst
             Am    G           F
Where's the hunger wheres the thirst

I felt the fight
I felt the good
So I'm awake
Its not the dream
I hope it was the last
Your cubicles, your tentacles
Will still find you
You cant hide from all the weight and wear

My words dont turn you on
Your here less then your gone
The spark still fights the worst
Where's the hunger wheres the thirst

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