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Sonicflood - Everyday tab

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Song:		Everyday
Artist:		Sonic Flood
Written By:	Joel Houston
Album:		Cry Holy
Copyright:	 2003 Meaux Mercy

Intro:  F  C  G  Am  F C G G  (2x)

Verse:  F  C  G  Am  F C G Am  G/B F  (Verse chords are held 4 beats)    

interlude: C G Am F C G G  (2 beats only per chord here)


Chorus: C  F  Am7  G   C (3x)  1st end of chorus (C F Am7 G) 1st       
                               all other ends of chorus (C  G/B) 

Am7   G/B  C  G/B  Am7  F  C   repeating before bridge

Bridge:  C  F  C  G  (3x)      Am  G/B

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