Spocks Beard - The Ballet Of The Impact The Beauty Of It All chords

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Okay, so these are the chords to the sung part of both The ballet of the impact 
and The beauty of it all, which add up nicely to make a single acoustic song. 
While I also love the instrumental parts, they'd be troublesome to play alone - and to tab.

Capo 1 (or transpose a half-step up)

The windshield explodes
Like a bomb packed with diamonds
There's a deafening silence
Time flows to a crawl

As the ballet of the impact
Spreads out across the blacktop
             Em                             C
Angels dancing down like raindrops
In the air as they fall

So this is how it goes
So this is how it ends
A flatbed runs a red light
No time to comprehend

As a blizzard of my memories
Lights up like fireflies
            Em              C
In the sliver of an instant
        A            Asus2    Bm
In a flash before my eyes...

---change of song, same chords, same melody---

I'm drifting on the water 
Far out from the land 
Moving throug my memories
As I try to understand 

If I wake tomorrow wiser 
Or it's time to shed my skin 
And let go of a lifetime 
That I can't have back again 

All the love we leave behind 
All the work we leave undone 
All the words we leave unspoken 
All the things we won't become 

But there's little I would change 
In the live that I recalled 
If I could paint a picture 
Of the beauty of it all
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