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Starship - The Way I Do chords

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g---------5-7-5-7- --9---7----------
e-------------------------------- x2

When they say you can't love
Am_______________ Em G
I think you've got it wrong
And you say you can't feel
With a heart made of steel
_________Cadd9________________ G
But you can't say that steel ain't strong

Well if that's who you are,
______Am ___________________G
Just a meaningless star in the sky
Tell me what is the meaning
Of what I am feeling if you are the reason why

Now I may be dumb
But where I come from
_________________C___________________________ G
Folks say they're fine when I know that they're blue
______________F___________ G ____C
No you don't know you the way I do


Your kind is frail and weak
______Cm _______________Bb
And I want to destroy you all
You're a sorry disgrace
To the concept of race
_______Ab _____________Bb
And to logical science & law

But for some reason why
___________Cm _____________Bb
When you look at me I don't wanna be
Programmed this way
Ab ___________________________________Bb
Believe when I say you're the one anomaly

You might not be smart
But there is a part
_____________Ab ______________________Bb
Of me that's starting to make a breakthrough
_____________Ab ___________Bb ___Eb
No you don't know you the way I do

__Gb ___________Eb
I never expected to find something like you
my wires are protected from abnormal things like you

__________Bbm ____________________________________________Eb
when you know everything it is suddenly strange when you don't have a clue
don't know anything but you're giving me a clue

____________Cm ____Gm
If I can see past the surface
Finding the worth
That is hiding beneath
____Cm ______Gm
Your life, and purpose
_____Ab ________________________________Bb _______________________G
And all of sudden I feel like I've run into something that no one has seen
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