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Status Quo - Thinking Of You tab

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Thinking of You
Status Quo
XS All Areas 2004
Greg Harper

Theres lots going on here with overdubs etc.
Some inversions on the B5 chords are used too such as B5/Eb
but if it's being played in a band, that shouldn't be a problem.
Good song this one!

E5          B5         B5           A5
Up in the morning and down in the evening
E5            B5             B5          A5
Light in the night time and dark in the day
E5            B5           B5           A5
Running for something and waiting for nothing
E5          B5          B5    A5
Looking at people and hiding away
E5         B5             B5        A5
Asking a question when I know the answer
E5        B5           B5        A5
Hanging around when I just wanna play

E5     B5       A5        A7
I'm thinking of you again
E5     B5        A5
I'm thinking of you
E5     B5          A5
Don't know what to do again
    E5     B5       A5
But I'm thinking of you

B            E
Where are we going
 B          E
We're on a roll
 B             E
You'll see me coming
B              C#5  G#5  A5    
I'm coming through

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