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Status Quo - Down Down tab

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Down Down
Status Quo
On The Level 1975
Sam Lennon Singleton

Francis plays this in open B tuning (DGDGBD with capo on 4)
Rick plays in standard.
Strictly speaking the F#s should be F#7s but the melody 
adds in the b7th for you.

Francis Chords
   B   D   C#  E   A   F#  D#  C

[ Tab from: ]
|B| |B| |B| |B| |B| |B| |B| |B D C#| |B| |B D C#| |B| |B D C#| 

B                         D C# B
Get down, deeper and down
                          D C# B
Down down, deeper and down
                          D C# B
Down down, deeper and down
                          D C# B
Get down, deeper and down

E                           D A B
I want all the world to see
                                            C C# D D# 
To see your laughin' and your laughin' at me
I can take it all from you
Again again again again                     
(Bass runs up neck)              B
again again again a-deeper and down

Good Luck!!!

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