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Stephen Fretwell - Lines tab

Note: This is my first tab, so go easy on me! Although any corrections are welcome!

C/G  Em x2
(hammer on/off D when you play C/G)

C/G      Em
I walk the lines
C/G         Em 
DO it all the time,
F              C        
push the water through
Bb                       G
the things we said we'd do
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C/G               Em
and always skimmed the lines
C/G             Em
rolling all the time
F         C  
makes me do
Bb                       G                    
things i really shouldn't do

Am        C
of your eyes
F                       C           G
i think i've seen them once or twice
Am               C
yes of your eyes
F                     Bb       G
i think ive seen them once, twice

Reapeat the verse chords 

End on C/G

Chords used:
C/G - 332010
Em  - 022000
F   - 133211
C   - 032010
Bb  - 013330
G   - 320003
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