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Stereophonics - Angie tab

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Rolling Stones


Harmonics  Am                      E


  G                 F              F               C


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  Em7           Am


Am     E7

Angie, Angie

G?              F? F      F C G C

When will those clouds all disappear?

Am     E7

Angie, Angie

G?              F? F      F C G C

Where were the ladies from here?


With no loving in our souls

       Dm               Am

and no money in our coats

C               F                 G

(( Oh you can't say we're satisfied ))

Am     E7

Angie, Angie

G?              F? F      F C G C

(( Oh you can't say we never tried ))

Uh Angie, you're beautiful...yes

(( but ain't it time we said goodbye ))

Angie, I still love you

Remember all those nights we cried

(( All the dreams we held so close

Seem to all go up in smoke

Oh let me whisper in your ear ))

Angie, Angie        {
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