Steve Harley - The Best Years Of Our Lives tab

All credit due to Just here 
it's easier to find.

A   Asus A   Asus A G D A
A   Asus A   Asus A G F# F
      D                           G                      D
It was just like a dream, yeah, a surreal scene, like a blue orange
I thought my senses had gone, like I was writing a song about a foot-long syringe
A             G            D
And she said, "Hello, dear, it's my party
"So I          hope you'll be smart, hee hee   And I
said,"I don't know, but I think I'll go fix me
A(Intro riff")
a stiff drink"
        D                               G
Well, I sat there and stared, because at first I was scared of this female tarzan
And while she talked with the apes about champagne and grapes, I approached her garden
      A                 G            D
And she said,"Now, now, don't try to leave me,
              "It's unfair to deceive me
              "I could kill if you try to escape me,
A (intro riff)
come upstairs my friend"
  Emin     Bmin   F               A
Now I knew, I knew, I couldn't be that mean,
Emin         Bmin               F             G              A  A sus
so I tried, yeah I really tried to leave her but she was a big, big, big girl, big girl


E                                                     G#
Man, it was mean to be seen in the robes you wore for Lent
you must've known that it was Easter
There for a while, in your smile, I could see Mexico blood say
"This is true I was a teaser"
B                               B(b5) (see below)
There were a thousand manitas
being exchanged for pesetas

 B(b5) - B with 5th flattened    G#7/C
|---------------------------| |-------|
|--6-----4-6---4--------4-6-| |-------|
|------4---------4----4-----| |---5---|
|------------------3--------| |---4---|
|---------------------------| |---3---|
|---------------------------| |-------|

E            B          G#7/C      C#min
Man, It was hard not to laugh out loud
I couldn't believe the size of the crowd
You must have fooled them into coming
E                B       G#7/C      C#min
Wow, There were women and children, too
They would have hanged us if they knew I think I know for certain
Inside you sniggered so hearty, you only came for the party
E            B           Amin   F    G  F   E
Man, it was mean, it was mean, Man, it was mean
A                       E
You think you're so importantly clever
A                             E
I'll tell you now where thats at
A                      E
You can be this way forever and ever
Amin                   B      (B  C  G/D  B/Eb  E)
sooner or later you'll fall

B7                         A
It wasn't me who wrote the epitaph
I only burned the old girl's photograph
And threw the kitten in the fire, see
You ask me your father he'll remember me
G            E           G              E
It was so fantastic, he burned like a matchstick
A                               B
You know I'm sorry for what I've done

 G      A            B   D   C   B       E
Now you say I'm responsible for killing them

 G   A        B     D  C  B           E  D  E/A  D/G
I say it was God   He was willing them


Murder follows me like a leech from sunset, hard on my

heels to the midnight beach

Multitudes of every skin, around the glowing sparks
they begin to sing

G                                 Emin
Everybody is watching the dancer, all the way from Barcelona

F                 G          F                G
Teddy Boy's are farming, it's all a little alarming

C                      D
I felt forty-five and was barely alive

F      Emin    D       G
Whoa oh woh oh

         C                       D
I saw a human tribe and was terrified

F      Emin    D       G
Whoa oh woh oh

(solo over Amin  G  F Emin  Emin  G)

Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)
                                                    You've done it all..

F                          C                   G
...                 You've broken every code....
          And pulled the rebel      to the floor...   You spoilt the
Game                     no matter what you say....
               For only metal     what a bore..........
F                          C
              Blue eyes        Blue eyes
F                          C                   G
        How come you tell...   So many lies..
Dm                         F                   C                 G
         Come up and see... me         make me smile..............
         Or do what you want            run on wild...............
F                          C  la la  la la
G                          G
Dm                         F                   C                 G
         Come up and see... me         make me smile..............
         Or do what you want            run on wild...............

Chords in solo F Em F Am Em Em G G Dm F C G Dm F C G G
Solo starts like


Emin           F                  Emin              G
Only twilight, calm and barkless; no more daylight, only darkness;

Emin          F                     D           C    B
Only twilight, only twilight made the change without delay


Think I'll have lines on my face

When I get out of this place

        D                      B
So I guess I'll be ever so careful

It wouldn't help to deny

      Fmin7            D
I'm well advised to comply

By the rules or be ever so tearful

I caught a vulture, he came up behind me
I put a chain on his claws
I caught another, been trying to find me
I slit a vein in his jaws
A                                            B
Tied the two of them up with guitar-strings (only fed them a bone)
Grinned and put my hands in my pockets
Amin                           E     B
To drift away to a land of my own

C   C/B    Amin   G      F      C
European Maids, hard to ignore
 You, me and the boys, barred from the shore
F                       C
Fresh-faced imbeciles, laughing at me
I've been laughing myself, is that so hard to see?
Do I have to spell each letter out, honestly!
            F                            C
If there's no room for laughter there's no room for me
Dmin                G
For me....
F                 Emin             Dmin      C
You'll think it's tragic when that moment arrives
Ah, but it's magic, it's the best years of our lives
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