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Sting - Low Life tab

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Low life - Sting 

A6/9: 222222

A - F#m  G  D(C) (3x)
F#m  E  G-A

A 		F#m 			G 		D
Fatal fascination for - the seedy part of town
A 			F#m 			G 			D
You walk down the street - and your head spins round
A 			F#m 			G 		D
Don't be seen alone - without your friends at night
F#m 		    E 		G-A
Take a gun - Take a knife - to the low life

A 		F#m 			G 		D
Don't have to be born - into this society
A 	  F#m 		G 		D
Pay for love - but the hate comes free
A 		F#m 			G 		D
Bring enough money - for the rest of your life
F#m 		    	E 		G-A
Don't bring your wife - to the low life

G		C		A		C
Bringing us there - to the degredation
G			C		A	
Always keep your back to the wall
C				D
No rewards for your infatuation
Em		G
Low life
	D		A
No life at all
F#m		A	F#m
Yeah, low life, low life

B 	  G#m 		A 		E
In here to long - to be afraid anymore
B 	  		G#m 			A 		E
You can't reach the bed - so you sleep on the floor
B 	  	G#m 			A 		E
You get so stoned - you think you could fly
G#m 		    	F# 		A-B
But you won't get high on the low life

A6/9 	B
Low life, low life
Low life, low life
Low life, low life
Low life, low life
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