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Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl!!! tab

intro         this song has a very interesting riff by the way the riff is in d

E-------------------------------------------------------3--1---3-3---- X2

D          F5          Csus9       G  >>>> same beat through the whole verse.
she turned away what was she looking at?          F5 is D but move the mid. finger to 3rd
                                                  fret on d string k...
she was a sour girl the day that she met me

hey what are u looking at? she was a hyper girl
the day that she left me

Bb           F
what would you do?
C                  G            Bb
What would you do if i followed you?
Bb          F              G     Gsus
what would you do if i followed?


D       F5            Csus9         G

chorus again  

then your done listen to the song to get the beat down have fun!!!!!!!!!!

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