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Suede - See That Girl tab

t. See for more information.                     #

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 15:26:05 EST
Subject: s/suede/

SEE THAT GIRL (from "Electricity" B-side by SUEDE)
tabbed by

I hope this file is alright because it's sometimes difficult to
hear the right chords.

*INTRO:it's actually played by a strange keybord but if you want to=20
play it with the guitar here is the tab.
Then come the chords at the 3rd time: Dm, Gm, A, Dm (x2)      

*VERSE1: Dm, Gm, Am7, Dm, Dsus2 (xx0320)
         Dm, Gm, A, Dm, Dsus2

*CHORUS1: F, C, F, Am (577655)
          Bb, C, Am (577655), C

*VERSE2: Dm, Gm, Am7, Dsus2
         Dm, Gm, A, Dm, Dsus2

*CHORUS2:Same chords but you have a tab here which is almost like that:

  F   C                  F  Am                  Bb

   C                  Am                     C

*BRIDGE: It's the same chords as the intro but you have this fill
which sounds almost like that:

  Dm                   Gm                   A                 =20


BRIDGE: here you finish on a Dm which is simply strummed.

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