Sunny Day Real Estate - Every Shining Time You Arrive tab

i know you dont care, but this is my favourite song =) lyrics are at the bottom

intro chords: Dan's lead
Cadd2 e minor
e---0--------0------ -0---7\--0-0--0--2--0-0--0-5\-0--3------|
b---3--------0------ ----------------------------------------|
g---0--------0------ ----------------------------------------|
d---2--------2------ ----------------------------------------|
a---3--------2------ ----------------------------------------|
e------------0------ ----------------------------------------|

chorus lead:
G F#
e----3-------2-------- ------------------------------|
b----3-------3-------- ---8-8------7-----(7)---------|
g----0-------0-------- ------------------------------|
d----0-------0-------- ------------------------------|
a----2--------------- -------------------------------|
e----3-------2-------- ------------------------------|

Bridge chords: G D e minor

"from the depths of my gloom" part:

g--0----0---repeat-then--0---| play intro chords until the end
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