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Sweetnam Skye - Real Life tab

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Skye Sweetnam
Real Life
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -  133211
C -  x32010
G# - 466544
Eb - x68886
Bb - x13331
C# - x46664

Intro: F-C-G#-Eb x2, F-C-G#--

Verse 1:
F   C
  I feel they池e
G#      Eb      F
looking down on me
C         G#       Eb
  Or am I paranoid?
F    C        G#
  No where to hide
   Eb      F      C G# Eb
No room to breathe
I知 like a flower
in the shade
I知 like a
Bb        C#
bird in a cage

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I want a real life
I just wanna feel like
Getting tired of
living in a bubble
Wanna get in trouble
Gotta be my own self
I can稚 be nobody else
And If I can
C#   G#       C
only make one wish
I just wanna live
  F    C   G# Eb
a real life
  F    C   G# Eb
A real life

Verse 2:
F   C         G#     Eb      F C
  Inside your castle in the sky
           G#      Eb
I知 just a prisoner
F     C       G#
  Sometimes I wish I could
Eb      F   C   G# Eb
Kiss it all goodbye
  Bb            F
I try to please you
    Bb             C#
Why don稚 I matter to?

(Repeat Chorus)


I知 just a simple girl

In a complicated world

I知 giving it my best

I知 like a flower 

in the shade

I知 like a bird

in a cage

(Repeat Chorus twice)
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