Symphony X - Paradise Lost chords

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In the cold misty Morning
gleaming rays awake the dawn
 F			G
Here I stand - a Stranger in this land
 Em 			       F
does your conscience betray you?
  Bb				     C
falling from grace - feel the Sun on my face
   Am                  Bb
does desire still hold true?

 Dm				   Bb	
Mistyfied by the beauty - does the hunter pity
		Dm  			     Bb
his pray? Under starless skies all Love must die
and fade away

    Em			C			  D
Take my hand - Devine or Damned - Make a stand
Seize the day
   Em			C
Yours or mine - Damned of Divine 
  D			Em
Draw the line - come what may...

 Em       		    G         A
Looking down from Ethereal Skies
 Em       G           D        A
Silent crystalline tears I cry
 Em             G           D           A
For all must say their last goodbye - to Paradise

Continues the same
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