T-bone Burnett - I Remember chords

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		I remember - T-Bone Burnett
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

T-Bone Burnett
I remember (1986)
(T-Bone Burnett)
From: "T-Bone Burnett"

Intro | Em | C | D | Em | D |

G                  C
I remember all the good times
G                        C
All the red wine and the headlines
D               G
That we made at will
D               G         C
When we had the dreams to kill
I remember

G                   C
I forget all of the bad times
G                          C
All the last times and the deadlines
   D              G
We put each other through
D                  G      C
When we thought we needed to
I remember

Em             C        G
Underneath the pale moonlight
  Em                D       G
I hear the lonesome whistle cry
Em             C         G
I ache for you night and day
       Em                 D   G
With a pain that will not go away
Em              C        D
And do you ever think of me
G                    C
And remember all the good times?

| G | G | C | C | 
| D | G | D |2/4 G |4/4 C | C |

C   D
I remember

G                 C
I remember when I found you
G                    C
How the world was all around you
    D           G
But we drifted apart
  D                 G      C
Before we knew each others heart
C   D       G   C                D    G      C G
I remember, I remember, I-yi-aye-yi remember

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