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Taking Back Sunday - Good Enough tab

Somone should answer the damn phone..

| Gtr. I (clean)
| e|--19~---------------14~----------------15~-----------------------------|
| B|----------------------------------------------------------15~----------|
| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
| repeat as needed
| Gtr. II (clean)
| e|---------------------------------------------------|
| B|---------------------------------------------------|
| G|----4----4--------4-------------4-----------4------|
| D|--5----5---5--4-0---4h5p4--2-0----5-4--4-0----5-4--|
| A|---------------------------------------------------|repeat as needed
| E|---------------------------------------------------|
| e|-------------------------|
| B|----------15-15-15-12-12-|
| G|-12-12-12----------------|
| D|-------------------------|
| A|-------------------------|repeat as needed
| E|-------------------------|

I am almost 100% positive that is it but if there is a little
correction for Gtr. II's part, please put it in the comments
and I will update it.
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