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Teddy Geiger - Chemistry tab

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Couldn't find this song anywhere so I gave it a shot, it turned out to be pretty 
easy! (Worked it out on the piano)

Dm                 Am
Is this where it ends 

Dm                 Am
Why couldn't I give in 

'Til I find you back with me

  D                  F
Beneath our walls is chemistry

     G                Dm 
And if it weren't for yesterday

Would you still believe in me

    G                C                                
I'm begging for your reasoning
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D                F 
Did you love me anyway 

G                 Dm
If it weren't for yesterday

                  F           G
Would you still believe in me

Doesn't she fail 

Doesn't she falter

     C              F   
When I'm not around

            Am        G            C             F
She make me feel like falling down 

            Am      G
Doesn't she fail or falter

         C            F 
When she calls my name

        Am           G             C 
And I'm not there to ease the pain 


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