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Tenacious D - Wonderboy tab

Hey I found some tabs that I didn't like so I changed the intro a little cause it was wrong. Then I changed the solo thingy at the end. It's not totally complete but this is my first attempt at tabbing. Sorry if its no good. I don't deserve credit for the whole thing, as I ripped the chords off of someone else through the miracle that is copy and paste. Enjoy.

D 		           Dm
b-------3------------3----2----------3------------3----3-----  (REPEAT)

D			    Dm
High above the mucky muck castle made of cloud
D	 	       Dm
there sits wonderboy sitting oh so proudly.
D                       D/C		               D/B	       A     Bb     C   D
not much to say when you're high above the mucky muck yeahhhh yeah
D		           Dm
wonderboy, what is the secret of your power
D               D/C		D/B	         D/A                 Bb               C   D
wonderboyyyy won't you take me far away from the mucky muck man
D		          Dm
D		          Dm

D						        Dm
Well now its time for me to tell you about young nasty man
            D				 	    Dm
who is the archrival and nemesis of wonderboy
    D			Dm 	     
with powers comparable to wonderboy!
D                                            D/C
What powers, you may ask?
How about the power of flight? 
			        D/A					      D/G
And what that is specifically is levitation, with powers to move inside the sun,
and forwards, and up, backwards
How about the power of telekenesis?
			     F                   F#                   G    G#
Has anyone seen it in action? I doubt it, i severly doubt it, rare...
How about the power to move you?

(applause then back to part I)

D	          Dm                                     D	        Dm
The history of wonderboy and young nastyman, rigga goo goo rigga goo goo
D		              D/C		        D/B				D/A    Bb  C   D
the secret to be told, and a gold chest to be bold, blasting forth with three part harmony yeah!!!
D					   Dm
Well wonderboy and young nastyman joined forces, 
and they formed a band the likes of which had never been seen.
Dm						D           D/C       D/B   D/A  Bb    C-C  D-D-D
And they called themselves Tenacious D, thats right me, and KG, and me , Tenacious Deeeeeee.
(see below)
Come fly with me.

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