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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around The Bend tab

                  Around the Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Tabbed by: Woodrow Yeakel

Tuning: EADGBE

Horn part at intro and chorus. 
If you want to play it lower then start on the
4th fret of the G (3rd) string (for the last note of the
lower version play the 4th fret on the D (4th) string).


This bassline repeats the whole song. There are
three different variations at the end of the bassline
which are randomly thrown in throughout the song.

                    1st     2nd     3rd

These chords repeat the whole song.
Iím not sure about the F#m though, it might be major. 
Whatever sounds better to you.
              If you want to play as open chords...
              (good for acoustic)
F#m 244222    244222
A   577655    x02220 
E   x7999x    022100
B   799877    x2444x

F#m                      A
Give me that thing give in my friend give me 

E                B
good good times around the bend

F#m      A      E     B
   I'll stay foreeeeeever  

F#m                      A
Give me that thing give in my friend give me 

E             B
hot hot love around the bend

F#m      A      E     B        F#m
   I'll stay foreeeeeever with you

To get the timing right for the chorus strum  
the last F#m minor once and then begin
playing the horn part.

Enjoy! Rate and comment please. Corrections are welcome.
And remember this is my first tab so be kind.

John Anthony Frusciante/Gillis!
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