The Ember Days - It Is Well chords

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It Is Well

by The Ember Days

On their 2010 album "Fingerpainting EP"

Key of E Maj

Tabbed by Jim Wheless

This is a rather easy song to play... but it's beautiful!!

-Play the chords like this whenever you see them:

  E        A        B


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

E          A            E           B
I am but a child in the hands of my Lord

E               A               E                B
He will lead me through rushing rivers, takes me home

E             A            E        B
When I cannot see, will my faith sustain?

E              A                E         B       E
I will find my strength in your love, oh, in your love


E     A            E
It is well with my soul... x4

Verse 2:

E          A             E             B
You are my God who gives breath to my lungs

E          A        E       B
They (???) long, to you I belong

E          A          E          B
I hold the hand of my father up above

E          A            E      B       E
I have no fear, carried now by perfect blood



E       A           E
Oh, oh, oh, with my soul... x4

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