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The Glorious Unseen - Wrapped Up In You tab

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Capo 2


A2  Bsus  C#m

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A2                                                      Bsus
Take me to the place where You are.
                 A2                              Bsus 
Where my burdens fall down at Your feet.
                  C#m                      A2  
Where Your spirit comes to carry me.
A2                                                        Bsus
Take me away where I can be near You. 
               A2                              Bsus
Where the sun is bright and warms my face, 
           C#m                      A2
where I feel alive in Your embrace. 
                E              Bsus
God youíre all Iíll ever need. 
               A2               C#m       Bsus
To be with You, will You carry me away
            A2                C#m       Bsus
to Your secret and Your holy place?
Where Iím all wrapped up in You,
           Bsus            A2
Wrapped up in Your arms.
             C#m        Bsus      A2 
God Iím wrapped up in Your arms
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