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The Glorious Unseen - Meet Us Here chords

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Meet Us Here
The Glorious Unseen
[Standard Tuning]

Chords by Rich

Verse 1:
C#m  B   A
Lord we cry
C#m  B  A
Meet us here
C#m      B     A
Change our hearts
C#m    B    A
Bring us near
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        E           A
And we come to this place God 
    C#m           B
And offer up our hearts
       E               A
We're holding to Your promise that 
       C#m              B
You'll meet us where we are
        E         A
We come broken in sin
         C#m               B
For yet You still call our names
          E      A
And Your Glory surrounds us 
    C#m               B
And brings us to our knees
         A  B                 C#m   B  A
Lord we cry, will you meet us here
Meet us here

Verse 2:
C#m  B   A
Lord we bow
C#m  B   A
In Your name
C#m   B    A
Saved by Grace
C#m      B      A
Cleansed in blood


C#m  B  A
          Spirit meet us
C#m  B  A
         Spirit meet us here
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