The Kooks - Rosie chords

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Note: The chord listed as B* is a chord I don't actually know the name of, but 
basically, it's an open C shape with the second fret barred, like this-



F#m              A
See the same old cloud again,

Bm             B*
Wash my hands, shake my feet

F#m       A
And yes I missed you oh,

E                                           D
Since I last saw you I fell down the rabbit hole

(It's the same in the second and third verses)


D              C         G             D           E
Rosie, well I feel your love, I don't want you to leave

     D            C         G               D       E     D
You see, you can take your time, roll your stone to me, Rosie

Bridge 1:

B*                 E
Be careful with me, see I'll make you see,

B*                 E   B*  E
You ain't gotta pay for no little Rosie

Bridge 2:

C          Em    D    G
I wanted you so easily,

C        Em          D        G
Illusions passed and now I see

C           Em             D    G  D
Image is so different to reality, Rosie, oh Ro-Rosie
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