The Letter Black - Best Of Me chords

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Best Of Me 

tuning: capo 3

Verse 1

   C                  Em
If I could find yesterday

         G                 D               Em
I would take You back to where I'm coming from

‘Cause You can see the way

 G                    D              Em
All these scars have kept me running

And chasing down the past

     G                  D
But I'm not done, I'm turning back

Em      C                G          D
    I swear, You're the only reason I keep breathing

Em      C                 G                       D
    I swear, You keep on giving me the reason to keep believing


Em                 C                       G
     Finally I'm worth it, though I'm not perfect

     D             Em                 C
It still feels right, and I keep on giving

                   G         D      Em
Trying to make a difference, in my life

But I know another way to show

G                D
Everything I can be for You

        Em             C   Em   D
You're all that I'll ever need

      Em           C      Em     C     G     D      
I'll give you the Best of Me

Verse 2

   C                        Em 
If I could read tomorrow's mind

         G             D                 Em
I would know exactly where You're taking me

If I'm going to slip away 

    G             D               Em
Or if I stay and give You all my trust

You will keep me safe

G                 D                
I know You won't let me fade



Em               C
Oh, I know I believe it

G              D          Em
No, I will be turning around

           C        G
I want to know You now

              D            Em
Your Love it won't let me down, no!


Chorus X2

Em      C                 G          D
     I swear, You're the only reason I keep breathing

Em (hold)
     I swear...

i believe this is fairly accuate. 

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