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The Maccabees - The Real Thing tab

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Great song and great album! I've seen them like 5 times
so i'm obvs. obsessed still... its easy so i like it!!
Joe Martini

Chords used:

C     0 1 0 2 3 0

Am    0 1 2 2 0 0


Just a C chord really, but kepp playin at the pace of the song.......
its this riff really but just palyed througout with these hammer ons the C chord the 
bit is just the intro...


c as above..

i'm blowing back the kisses i blew to you before, blew to you before.

c as above..

and i'm tearing up the letters saying i adore, saying i adore you.

am (with similar c
hammer ons...)

and i will wait for the real thing

am            c

i will wait for the real thing.

c (hammer ons)

so you, you could wear a dress out, chin would hit the floor, my chin would hit the floor.

c (hammer ons)

and you could flutter those lashes i've been trying to ignore, been trying to ignore you.

am             c

and i will wait for the real thing

am            c

i will wait for the real thing

am                                         c let ring

you might as well quit if you haven't got it.

Yeah thats it sorry if its shit!? well so am i tbh
but sounds okish... if you want to kill me tho for crucifyin such a good
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