The Movement - Alright chords

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			     Alright - The Movement
Tabbed by:Croady


This one is all G#,F#.

G#                 F#
I got a feeling got no time ya see /
To hear ya fussin and fightin whining why ya see /
I know itís gonna be alright /
Get some wine the sea /
Will soothe and make the mind move silently /

G#                   F#
I know itís gonna be alright /
Got my paper and my pen together /
Canít be confused Ďcause Iím flyin high in any weather /
Got so much soul yes you know I cannot be no better /
Now everybody get ya grind on /

Yo from beginning to ending my chapterís flipping and spinning /
While Iím catering to nonsense / Setting tables of contents /
Over continents, deserts, oceans, and landmasses /
Spreading like jam /
To make you and your honey shake them asses, damn /
Iím looking sharp /
Steadily sticking like bookmarks /
Heavily written spitting sentences /
Showing off book smarts /
Smarter than a fucking whip /
Cool as a fan /
You feeling alright /
Sing it if you know what Iím sayin /


ĎCause it just goes to show that you just may never know /
ĎCause when it rains it pours just another episode /
And now I hope you know this is how the story goes /
But itís alright, itís alright

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