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The Temper Trap - Rabbit Hole chords

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                             RABBIT HOLE - The Temper Trap

Tuning: Standard with a capo on 4th

Ok its been ages since I've put anything up so excuse the unconventional formatting. 
I tried to find tabs for this song and could not, I guess because its quite recent.  
I had a go at figuring it out myself and thought I'd post it up as a starting point.  
This is far from perfect, and a few chords might not even be correct, so feel free 
to edit this as you see fit.   

Acoustic part:  I've written this so that time from | to | is 4 beats - just so 
you have some idea.

A few chords (The others are fairly standard - listen to the track to fine tune the notes):

Cadd9   C/G      G    
x       0       3 (go easy on the top g)
3       1       0
0       0       0
2       2       0
3       3       2
x       3       3

E*:  the pull-off hammer on you can hear in the verse is on the g-string, 
transitioning to a Gm and back to G





|Am------| x 4



|Em----G---|C-------|   x3
(some of these bars may have C/G at the ends)

Bass and electric kicks in.

Tabbing this is beyond my ability, but you can experiment to get something similar 
in sound.
Basically the electric plays a constant E (or pretend C with our capo) 
occasionally stepping down to D# (B) then C# (A), then back to D# and E.
What follows is my attempt to get a similar sound on an acoustic with the capo on 
4th, but again its far from perfect.  Feel free to improve it.


C       Gadd11  G       Gadd9   Asus2   Amin
x       x       x       x       x       x
1       1       0       x       0       1
0       0       0       2       2       2       
2       0       0       0       2       2
3       2       2       2       0       0
x       3       3       3       x       x

Progression:   1 beat = 4 strums 

C       (8 beats) 
Gadd11  (4 beats)
G       (4 beats)
Asus2   (0.5 beats) hammer onto Amin (3.5 beats)

C       (4 beats)
Gadd11  (2 beats)
G       (2 beats)
Gadd9   (2 beats)
G       (2 beats)

Repeat about 3 times.  After the third time repeat the last bit from Gadd11 to G a few more times.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started and come up with something better.
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