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The Temper Trap - Rabbit Hole chords

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The Temper Trap : Rabbit Hole
Chords by       : Hariz05
Tuning          : Standard (EADGBe)
Capo            : On (4th fret)

  \ This song, I'm really feeling this song! \
   \ It's like the best song EVER!            \
   / Pretty simple, listen to the song.       /
  / Remember, capo 4th fret!                 /


Am                                   E
I don’t wanna be the only one ’round here
Cadd9                                   G
Everything I’m saying’s falling on deaf earš
Am                                  E
Come to get you if you make another sound
Cadd9                                     G
Make you an example since you’re crawling home


Dm                        Am                  F          
Anyone who listen’s gonna get theirš when the water floods down

To the rabbit hole! 

*Strum Am*


Am                                         E
Hands up if you think you’re gonna save us now
Cadd9                                         G
Before we shoot the mesšenger for talking too loud
      Am              E
We’ll keep you on the run
Cadd9                       G
'Til we get what we want


Dm                  Am               F
Every which way you go they’re gonna hunt you down
Dm                          Am                    F  
Making you believe a lot of sticks and bricks can get you stoned
Dm                                Am                  F
Cause anyone who listenš is gonna get theirs when the water floods down

*continue strumming F*
Hmm Ahhh Ahh Ahhh Ahh Ahhh Ahh~

To the rabbit hole!


Am - G - Dm Am F

You think we're gonna run
                          G            E     
If you think we're gonna run, you're wrong
                     Dm   Am
Just feeding with flames
Arrešting the fight

And it’s a cold day in hell
It’ll be a cold day in hell
Before we're done
                    Dm   Am
Just feeding the flame
Arresting the fight

*continue strumming F*               Am
With fire, with fire, with... Rabbit hole!

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