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Theory Of A Deadman - Santa Monica tab

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hey guys, well all i have is the chorus and the verse.
the harmonics aren't that hard . i might post them later but if u do, god bless ya

Em                      G         Am                  C
She fills my bed with gasoline, you think i would've noticed.

Em                               G          Am               C
Her mind's made up, the love is gone I think someone's trying to show us a sign.

Em                              Am                     C
That even if we thought it could last, the moment would pass.

Em                        Am               D               C
My bones will break and my heart willgive, oh it hurts to live.


Em              Am                             D
I remember the day, when you left for santa monica,

Cadd9                                                 Am
you left me to remain for all your excuses for everything

                 Am                            D
I remember the time when you left for santa monica

i remember the day you told me it's over 

it's not erfect but let me know if it sucks or rocks :)
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