Thousand Foot Krutch - The End Is Where We Begin chords

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this should be accurate, if not it should give you an idea of how the song is played. 
the original recording is in drop D, these are just the chords not the actual tab
for some reason the chords did not line up with the words, sorry. 

intro: (the recording uses power chords, but these are the chords): 
Bm, F#m, G, Em (x4) listen to the song for a sense of how the chords change

verse 1 (same as intro)

I'm an alien
F#m G                                   Em
    Cuz I'm not of this world
I have a name
                                     F#m        G                             Em
but I've been changed, and now I can't stay the same
Bm                              F#m        G                         Em
and I'm a loser if that means I've been lost before
Bm                                        F#m
but now I found it, I'm surrounded
         G                                             Em
Cuz you can hear the way it sounded

Like angels singing with a million voices

        D                                Bm
The end is where we begin
It's crawling back when
We run away, run away
             D                         Bm
cuz the end is where we begin
Where broken hearts mend
and start to beat again
       G                  A         Bm
The end is where we begin

verse 2 
(same chords as verse 1, drums only first line)

I'm a monster if that means I'm misunderstood
Cuz its alive and I can't hide it
The energy is rising
and I'm a traitor if that means I've turned on myself
I can't deny it, it's like a riot
and I can't keep it quiet


(use power chords)
B5, D5, Bb5, A5, C5 (x5) 
Hear me running
Hear me running, running
Hear me running, hear me running, ra-running
Hear me running, hear me

chorus (x2)
end on Bm

God bless and Rock on!
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