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Tim Mcgraw - Mary And Joseph chords

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Mary and Joseph (as sung by Tim Mcgraw)
Capo 4th fret

I like this song, and I couldn't find the chords anywhere, 
so here they are as well as I could figure them out.   
This is just how i decided to vary the chords, 
because I think it sounds good.  
you can play it with just regular C, F, and Am chords). 
Replace all the C variations with C, F variations with F 
Replace Am with the Asus4 and Dsus2 chords.  

C:        032010                
CaddG:    032013
F:        xx3211
Fadd9:    xx3213
Am:       002210                
Asus4:    002230
Cmaj7:    032000
Cadd9:    032030
Csus2:    030010        
Dsus2:    000230
G:        320003


(guitar intro)

C                     CaddG
Mary was the first of three 
F                        Fadd9
Long black hair and sugar sweet 
C                Am      Asus4   Cmaj7    C
Daddy's eyes and Momma's crooked smile 

C                 CaddG
She was barely seventeen 
F                       Fadd9
Got a job keepin' dishes clean 
C                       Cadd9       Am
Planned to stay in this city for a while 
      Csus2    C    F
For a while 

C                   CaddG
Joseph ran a lumber yard 
F                      Fadd9
About a mile from Olive park 
C              Am                  F
Quiet boy, he never had much to say 

C                          CaddG
It was love right from the start 
F                              Fadd9
He bought a ring and won Mary's heart 
C              Cadd9          Am  Asus4
Had hopes for a home and kids someday 
        Csus2  C     F      C CaddG  F
Kids someday 

C                            CaddG
The angel scared her half to death 
F                                      Fadd9
She would've screamed but she lost her breath 
C             Am                         F
On a midnight there in the middle of May 

C                         CaddG
He said "Oh Mary, don't be afraid 
F                                  Fadd9
You'll bear a son that the Lord has made 
C               Am                  F    
Call him Jesus, He'll light the way" 

Dsus2  Am  F        Am  Dsus2  F      C  CaddG  F      Dsus2     F

C                                   CaddG
She packed the clothes, he made the plans 
F                     Fadd9
They had to go to Bethlehem 
C              Am                 F
But there was nowhere left to stay 

C                     CaddG
So in a barn she gave birth 
F                                 Fadd9
To the King of Kings, the Lord of Earth 
C                                         Am
Just a little bitty thing sleeping on the hay 
                C CaddG      F
Sleeping on the hay 

C                       CaddG
The story's too long to tell 
F                                       Fadd9
But He walked on water and lived through hell 
C                   Am              Csus2  C
Killed on a cross and rose from the grave 

C                         CaddG
We got a King, they got a Son 
F                             Fadd9
Mary and Joseph were the only ones 
C                        CaddG      F
There on that very first Christmas day 
F                   Fadd9           C
There on that very first Christmas day

Dsus2 Am F      Am Dsus2  F     C CaddG F      Dsus2      F
                              (fading out)
C  CaddG F      Am        F     C CaddG F      Dsus2      F     C     F
(G    C)

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