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Todd Snider - I Cant Complain chords

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Upon reading a previous submition, i found some chords missing and the time a little off. 
Here is a closer representation for the song based on the album 
"That Was Me: The Best of Todd Snider 1994-1998" 
Thank you whoever posted originally. hope this helps you as much as yours helped me

Standard tuning
Capo 7th fret

G   D    G

              G                    G 
Little out of place, little outta tune 
              D                 G
Sorta lost in space, Racin' that moon 
          C                   G        C          G     D           G
Climbing the walls, of this hurricane, Still over all, I can't complain 

All I wanted was one chance, to let freedom ring 
Said I had to get a permit, tags and everything 
Never made it through the red tape, got this paper hat
I got a job working weekdays
You want fries with that? 

              C	              G
Got nothin to lose, nothin to gain
	    C        B         Am         G       D
It's like a one way ticket to cruising the passing lane 
         C B C B C B C 
I Can't Complain

I was talking with my girl friend, I told her I was stressed
Said I'm going off the deep end, She said give it a rest 
We're all waiting in the dug out thinkin' we should pitch
How you gonna throw a shut-out if all you do is bitch 
Repeat chorus 

So now I've got a brand new dance, need one more shot 
Just need one last chance you know I won't get caught
Gonna make my last stand this time I can't be bought 
Then again on the other hand how much have you got?

Repeat chorus

Repeat 1st Verse
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