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Todd Snider - Play A Train Song chords

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Play A Train Song Ė Todd Snider

Intro:  G D Em C

G                           D
Smokin long black Cadillac, engineís windin down
Em                             C
Parked it up on the sidewalk like he owned the whole damn town
             G              D               G              C
I'd hear him talkin to some chick through a thick ghost of smoke
          G                         D
Through a thicker haze of southern comfort and coke
                    G                         D
He'd say girl youíre hotter than the hinges hangin off the gates of hell
Em                                  C
Donít be afraid to turn to me baby if a he don't treat you well
       G           D   G                            C
And by he he meant me so I laughed and I shook his hand
G                                          D
He'd laugh a little bit louder as he would yell up at the band

G                  D
Play a train song, pour me one more round
Em                               C
Makeíem leave my boots on on the day they lay me down
       G        D         G                   C
I am a runaway locomotive out of my one track mind
        G                      D                  G 
And Iím lookin for any kind of trouble that I can find

G                                             D
I got this old black leather jacket, got this pack of Marlboro reds
            Em                                  C
I got this stash here in my pocket, got these thoughts in my own head
         G          D               G              C
I got to run until Iíve got walk or until I got to crawl
        G                                D              G
At this moment that Iím in right now and nothin else at all


G                                     D
And the television blizzard lights we looked around his place
             Em                              C
We found him cold there on the sofa a little smile across his face
             G                 D       G                     C
And though I tried with all my sadness somehow I could never weep
      G                                 D
For a man who looked to me like he died laughin in his sleep

         G           D
Singin a train song, drinkin one last round
Em                                   C
We madeíem leave his boots on on the day they laid him down
         G       D          G                    C
He was a runaway locomotive out of his one track mind
G            C
Play a train song
G            C
Play a train song
G           D G
Play a train song

Submitted by mmszoo2002 on 10/13/11.  These chords and lyrics are from a couple of his 
acoustic performances that I have seen. Have fun!
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